We hope to pass these treasures onto you, so that you may enjoy them for a lifetime.

We thank you for supporting Ateler Emi. All feedback and purchases received helps us grow tremendously. We're incredibly grateful for each and every one of our customers, and could not be where we are without your support.

Emi leather goods are hand made using traditional leather craft techniques. Therefore, we dedicate hours, days, weeks or even months on every item. Our products are hand-sewn stitch by stitch, because when it comes to durability, hand-sewn saddle stitches are far superior in strength than the sewing machine's lock stitches. (Please refer to FAQ page here)

All raw materials used by Atelier Emi are selected carefully, as we aim to source only the best hardware and materials available to us. Every product also goes through several levels of design testing and quality control before it's shipped out to you. We're proud to make pieces that are designed to last for years when taken care of properly. 

Please keep in mind that because we're running as a purely handcrafted & hand-stitched business, Emi leather goods may have qualities of hand made items. However, rest assured that our quality control policies are very strict, and often times, products are remade multiple times before shipment, in order to meet our brand's quality standards.

That being said, we understand that despite our best efforts, we are human, and things could be missed. However, we want our customers to rest assured that we stand behind our work, and warrant our products against defects in workmanship under normal use and proper maintenance of the product. This means that Atelier Emi will repair or replace products found to be defective due to our error and approved for exchange. (The decision of which will be made at our discretion.)

Our lifetime warranty extends to the original purchaser/owner only, and does not cover items on sale or charges related to shipping such as freight, custom fees, duties, or etc. It shall also be void if the product has been deemed to be damaged by abuse, misuse, accident, negligence, or service/modification by anyone other than Atelier Emi. (Please refer to our product care page here on how to care for your leather goods, and our terms page here.)

We want our customers to know that we are committed to providing quality work and service that they would be proud to invest in. We are always seeking for improvements, so if your Emi leather goods are not standing up to its task, please contact us and let us help.