Leather Care

Leather is a beautiful blessing to us, and should be treated as such. It is a wonderful material that will develop a patina over time. This means that it will change with more use and exposure. But these unique changes will continue to add character to your leather good(s). All hides are unique and have distinctive traits. Therefore, products could have slightly different tonal variations, marks, or veins. These are natural and should not be considered as undesirable traits.

To care for leather, we recommend that you avoid direct contact with water. If it should get wet, please gently dry it off with a soft, neutral colored cloth. To remove surface dirt, please spot clean with a mild leather cleaner, and follow up with a mild leather conditioner.

In its final steps, Emi leather goods are finished off with a treatment of premium leather conditioner/preservative. In order to maintain the leather’s suppleness, please continue treat your leather goods regularly.

To extend the life of your leather good(s), please store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Please avoid storing it in high temperature, direct sunlight, humidity, or non-ventilated areas.

Please also remember to use your Emi leather good(s) for its intended use only. For example, a lightweight camera strap used as a dog leash is probably not the best idea. So please, take care of your leather goods and it will give you years of joy in return.

Jewelry Care

Please follow our leather care instructions (above) to condition the leather pieces on your jewelry. For the metal pieces, we recommend gently brushing a very soft microfiber cloth to remove surface marks. As always, please be gentle when cleaning, as jewelry may be dainty or may be damaged if improperly handled.

The solid brass plates on our bracelets may be polished with polishing pads, if desired.

Packaging Materials

Please re-use or recycle any packaging that arrives with your Emi brand leather goods. To protect your leather goods from bumping around during shipment, we may package them with natural wood excelsior. Wood excelsior, aka "wood wool" or "American moss", is all-natural, 100% biodegradable, and made in USA. Because its made from non-toxic and hypoallergenic Aspen wood fibers, we recommend you recycle it or just toss it in with your compost bin. :)

If you're a repeat customer, please bring or send back your packaging materials. We'd love to give you a loyalty discount on your next order, for re-using our packaging and helping our planet. ♡