"Simple and Elegant"

I had been browsing around for a matching couple's bracelet set for quite some time for me and my girlfriend. Most products I came across didn't really catch my attention. The ones that I did take a liking to weren't as refined as I'd have liked. When I stumbled upon Emi's bracelets, I was immediately captivated. They weren't plain but also weren't overly done. Simple and elegant is my preferred taste, and Emi's bracelets were just that: subtle and classy. I knew I just had to get them. The design process is simple: provide wrist measurements, choose a base leather, choose a liner (material that rests against your skin), choose colors of your choice, and what to engrave on the brass plate. Rachel, who runs Atelier Emi, is extremely professional and easy to work with. I had a few color combinations in mind that I wanted, but was unsure how they would look in practice. Rachel accommodated me and provided samples of the color combinations before I committed. I'm someone who likes to see working examples of what I'm purchasing before I commit so that I'm absolutely satisfied with my decision. The entire design process was very iterative. Rachel would build up the bracelet from the bottom up and every step along the way, she would confirm my approval before continuing. I really appreciate that she was so transparent with me. It makes the experience stress-free.

When I finally received the finished product, it completely blew me away. I had seen developmental pictures, but the finalized bracelet was something else. It was very professionally made and of very high quality. Beautifully crafted, you could tell that Rachel really poured her heart and soul into every stitching, every fold, every hot iron, and every touch of paint. I can only say that it was a blessing that I found Atelier Emi in time for my anniversary with my fiancee. So thank you Atelier Emi!

If you're looking for something that's a gem to last for years to come, don't think twice about Atelier Emi. They provide high quality service end to end and their products are just beautiful. They are also very flexible when it comes to custom designs, which is a huge plus! I've already gotten plenty of compliments on the leather bracelet made by Emi, but more importantly it's something I can proudly wear and feel amazing about when worn.

- Mike T.

"It’s beautiful! I love the packaging too! Thank you!!!!"

I love it!!! So excited to see it in person Thank you for getting her full name on it. Thank you!!!

- Ceci S.

"Woaaaaaahhhh. What a piece of art"

The camera strap is awesome! Perfect length! And so professional! Thank you again Rachel!

- Tavyn L.

"They are fitting perfectly! 😁"

- Morgan W.

"Thanks Rachel, it looks beautiful and works perfectly!"

I looked high and low for a thin strap for the SL - all of them are really fat/chunky, so I gave up and had one made, and now I'm super happy. Thanks Atelier Emi for the beautiful work!

- Michael M.